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LONDON RAIN (1-23-99)

Girl you've cause me so much pain
I'm standin out in the pouring rain
Now I'm tryin to forget about you
But I can't get away from your love

Maybe I should move back to the states
And I'll find me a real mate
Then I can get rid of this pain
And that horrible London Rain

The London Rain is pouring down
On the street it's the only sound
My love's too deep, I can't forget
I'm standing here getting wet

I look up into the sky, dark
And it makes my heart feel stark
The clouds are just like my pain
They've filled up the same, like their rain

I think I'll move back to the states
And I can find me a real mate
Then I will have none of this pain
And no more of that horrible London Rain

I wanna get back to the best place
Back to those American states
Where I will find me a cure for my pain
And get out of this shitty London Rain

(c)2001 Justin Hoffman