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My New Love

I met a new girl last night
She is way out of sight
I was drivin by in my car
She was comin out of a bar
Someone told me she didn't bite

So I went up and asked her name
"Jenny, what's yours?" "Mine's Wayne."
I sent her a sexy wink
She wanted to get a drink
She was hopin to make me tame

That girl is my new love
She must be from above
Oh, she was quite the woman
I was wantin to be her man
Hey, she is my new love

We went inside the bar
I knew love wasn't far
We stayed and talked all night
I almost got into a fight
But we ran off to my car

She asked to go to my place
And I got a kiss on the face
She made me into a man
Now I'm doing all I can
To get her to wear white lace

That girl became my new love
She did come from above
Oh, she is quite the woman
Now I'm glad to be her man
Hey, she is my new love

(c)2001 Justin Hoffman