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I can't think anymore.
My life is falling apart,
And I don't know who I am,
Or what I should do?
I can't take the pain anymore.
You can't give me anymore time,
Cause I done used all of mine up.
I need someone to be with.
I can't handle the pressure anymore.

When you get this low down,
You want to go into outer space,
And the only thing you know is gone,
The tears roll down my face.
Don's on trying to cheer me up,
But it's no use; I can't get over these mistakes.
I left a girl out on her own and
I know what that's like, babe it's fake.

Now she will have the shity life I did
I'm on the edge of insanity
The reality is knocking on my front door
And Lucifer is coming thru the back door
The time has run out on the world
It's gonna end, big bang in the sky
Where's the love in the world
I went down the thick, foresty path
And now where am I?

I can't handle the pressure anymore
My life is out the door,
And I have lost who I should be.
What am I supposed to do now?
I can't handle my pain anymore.
I will never be who I want to be,
And I've gone low, so damn low
My cat doesn't even want to be with me.
Is it bad when you can't think anymore?