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Ain't Nobody Else for the Job

Ain't Nobody Else for the Job

I woke to the sound of sunlight
It was sharper than the night
The smell of stale cigarettes
Wasted time on things meant t' forget

My name is singin' in the breeze
An' the leaves fallin' from the trees
Don't know no angels 'round here
But there's nothin' for t' fear

Runnin' down to the main floor
I hear a knockin' from the door
Stranger's voice shouts through the wood
I did ev'rything, all that I could

Sometimes the devil is much louder
If you cant decide, don't flounder
Once you've stopped an' thought 'bout it
You've missed your chance t' get it

I'm takin' over the world
Burn it to the ground
I'm takin' over the world
Gonna tear it down

Ev'ryone take off your masks
Come on, in the sunlight bask
Get together, form a crowd
Stand naked, an' stand proud

If you knew what I was thinkin'
You'd know why I took t' drinkin'
It's lonely when you're the crazy kind
Don't worry, it's all in my mind

Get out or learn to speak
Say it or take t' your feet
I've got no time to waste
But I ain't makin' haste

That sound ringin' in your ears
Is me comin', better stay clear
I'm on top, in control
I may win, I may lose, but I wont fold

I'm startin' the new empire
Can't stop me with anything
I'm startin' the new empire
Gonna be the king